Bring back gorgeous attire:

Greetings dear reader. I hope your week was delightful. I also hope you have treated yourself nicely. Taking time for yourself to enjoy something special you like.

Today I have been feeling very inspired. Yesterday (10/06/20) I had a dream that I was living in the late 1700s, early to mid-1800s. I think I had this dream after I read and look at many articles on beautiful dresses. It made me think how fantastic would it be if I could bring back historic attire without having to call it historic costume? I was thrilled and full of ideas. I no longer what to buy clothes for two main reasons.
Reason 1: Fast fashion is horrible for the environment. I don’t want to contribute to that anymore. For the past 6 years, I have changed how I live and I have tried to be as conscientious as possible. Reason 2: This one is a few little reasons combined into one. I call it not wanting to blend in. But let me explain. I can ever find clothes that fit my body perfectly because fast fashion doesn’t have time to tailor to individuals (and yes I will buy some clothing items or accessories from handmade companies who take time to cater to their buyer). I can’t ever find what I want to wear, in my mind I have a picture and idea of what I want to wear but it’s not available anywhere. That’s the two main reasons why. I pick skirts and dresses over anything. I love the elegance and beauty of skirts and dresses. This is where my passions came in. I want to bring back to the modern wardrobe the gorgeous attire of the past, be it a simple Victorian walking skirt or a gorgeous Medieval dress. I feel the most confident when I wear historically inspired clothes, but now I am ready to dive deep into the historic attire. To pull as many details of it into my wardrobe. I want to give up all my jeans for skirts and dresses. All my sneakers for dainty heels. I have been deeply enchanted by the beauty of the historic wardrobe. I also want to make whatever clothing piece as close to how it was made in its original time.
If you’d like to see a “social experiment” I can wear period clothing and see what others will think. I’ll divide it into age categories and acquaintance or guest.

Thank you for stopping by and giving me a moment of your time. Wishing you the best.
Yours faithfully,
Emilia Pereira Ramos.

The tale of the fantastic Georgian house:

Hello to all. I hope you are all having a great week. Today I thought I would share with you a place so beautiful and rich in history.

The Kings House:
There are many enchanting details in the King’s House that it’s hard to know where to even being. Located in Boyle, Ireland. It was first built in 1730 as a glorious Georgian mansion. It was first built for the king, during the powerful landowning dynasty. Many years later it went from being a mansion to a military barracks. It was used by the British Army called the Caughnacht Rangers during its time serving as a military barracks. Once the Civil War in 1923 was over, the barracks ceased to exist and it closed down. It was used as a merchant point for many years and then it was almost demolished. But luckily in 1980, it was saved from being demolished. The Roscommon County Council renovated it to its former Georgian elegance. After the almost tragic end, this gorgeous mansion is finally open to the public as a museum. But not only that it is also the home of the Caughnaucht Rangers museum. It is now Boyle’s event host.

As you wander through the exquisite walls of this mansion, it’s one step closer to understanding 300 years of history within these walls. In the King’s House, you can find life-sized figures. Which I found to be particularly interesting and I felt that it bought the whole place alive. I felt as though I had travelled back to a different period. Another thing that you can find interactive displays. Which is just fantastic because you can have the chance to have a little glimpse of history. Through the numerous activities available here, you can go on a timeless journey. It makes time feel like it’s paused. You don’t notice it go by. It was a phenomenal experience.

You can also go through period rooms. This is where you’ll feel speechless. The exquisite beauty and regal atmosphere will surround you and leave you in awe. It’s hard to even pick a place, to begin with. The rooms are so beautifully decorated. It will rob you of your words. One thing I find is that during these times the attention to details was extremely thought out. it’s especially visible when you look around at the fascinating architectural design and ornate furniture. Each and everything was just bursting with stories. You can feel the grandeur of each place as you wander through the hallways. The mansion is so well decorated over and beyond what you expect. The main rooms are the true gems here, I mean they are so well thought out and so ornate it’s like being in a movie.

The beauty of the vaulted roof and impeccable stonework details will blow your mind. It’s such a unique feature not common today. My heart surrendered to the beauty of the details of the stones showing the dedication and patience of the stonemasons. This just shows how hard it was to make and acquire materials back then. So making anything required it to last many years. The dining room just leaves you speechless, beauty beyond what my words could ever describe. I can’t say this enough. Every detail was meticulously thought out.

If you’d like to feel the eerie and lonely atmosphere of the basement jail cells you could venture down there for an unforgettable experience. It’s a lovely atmosphere and it makes you think what was it really like when it was active? It really brings into perspective how things were back a long time ago and how lucky we are now with the conditions we have the rights we have.

The divine main salon such a beautiful and splendid room. It makes anyone feel like royalty ready to host a royal event. It’ll make you feel like a princess/prince in the main salon. Its beauty is just enchanting. This splendid salon hosted many events such as Soiréers (soriées are parties or gathering hosted at night. Usually hosted in a private house for a meeting or for events with music).

If you liked it and would like more posts like this feel free to let me know. I wish you a splendid week. Until next time.
Yours faithfully,
Emilia Pereira Ramos.

Sewing Adventure: 1

It was about the 26th of April when I finally decided to learn a new skill. It was something I had kept in mind for the longest time and I finally had time. After spending a little bit of time on YouTube I noticed the same suggestions a few times. After a while, I decided to actually to check it out. To my surprise, I fell in love and I got a sudden surge of inspiration. Not mention I was bursting with new ideas. My mind was like dandelion seeds dropping ideas. I thought to myself finally I have found the motivation I needed from seeing such beautiful clothing. Just like the clothes I always look for in stores but never find anything similar.

At first, I just began by watching a few videos for more reference and more knowledge because I had never tried to sew anything myself from patterns. Even though I wanted to try to make dress straight away I had to contain myself, not because I wasn’t willing to dedicate myself to researching it adequately. But because I wouldn’t be able to purchase the materials I needed, as shops were closed and not all places were delivering. So what I did was go shopping from a local shop that was still open and bought what I could.

It’s something that when I start I always have to focus or else one stitch ends up crooked, bigger or even in the wrong place. I like to keep it as even as possible. If you guys didn’t know there are a lot of free resources available online through (page 82 and 83) this one specifically is the one I used. From here I got the pattern for making the Victorian walking skirt. What I made was a Victorian-inspired walking skirt because I had never sewed before.

I am ready to dive into a new sewing project as soon as I can decide what’s the next clothes piece I want to add to my wardrobe. With that having said, I think the best option is a blouse because since I have made a skirt, why not make a matching blouse to go with it right? But I also want to try yet another thing, decorating it by hand embroidery. I will keep you updated on sewing projects I accomplish.

Anyways thank you for your visit it means a lot to have you come over and spend some time with me. I wish you a great weekend full of joy. Until next post and I’ll see you then.

Yours faithfully,

Emilia Ramos.

Get to know me:

Hello everyone! Firstly I would like to say welcome to every one of you who has taken to join me and read this. My name is Emilia. I have chosen to start blogging rather than just keeping a journal because in my teen years I couldn’t relate to a lot of people my age. Mostly because I had a huge passion for books poetry and literature. I just wanted to discuss different books poetry etc but not too many people my age were interested in the same things I was. I am also an introvert so being in large groups of people just made me feel out of place.

I can remember in English we were reading “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer” by John Keats. My teacher at the time said, “I don’t expect anyone to relate to this poem, it’s very old and doesn’t have much context in today’s time”. But I could relate to John Keats. So much so that I did purchase “The Iliad” by Homer and “The Odyssey” by Homer also. Just to get a more in-depth understanding of John Keats. The more I read poems by John Keats the more I could relate to him. I have been able to relate to him because I feel like all the great writers have a very sensitive side that most people don’t understand very well. I feel like they are capable of feeling in a much deeper level.

I have always enjoyed painting and drawing. I haven’t always been too open about my emotions but when I paint or draw you can tell how I felt. I also really liked the works of Oscar Wilde. When I found out John Keats got his inspirations from Wilde I was so thrilled and amazed that two of the poets that inspired were linked. Since then poetry and literature have been a huge part of my life.

What I hope to bring to everyone one of you is the feeling of inclusivity even if most people around you don’t like the same thing you do. I want this to be a place of peace where you an take time for yourself and enjoy the simple slow pace of life like in the past. Being native descendant I have always loved the outdoor so most of my inspirations come from nature.

The topics I would like to discuss here things such as life contrast between the 1700s up until the early 1900s vs now. From cooking to sewing or day in the life of. But also you can let me know if there’s anything you would like to see in particular. I want to include your ideas and incorporate your opinions too.

Thank you for stopping by I will see you in my next post. Have a wonderful day and remember to smile.

Yours faithfully,

Emilia Ramos.