Get to know me:

Hello everyone! Firstly I would like to say welcome to every one of you who has taken to join me and read this. My name is Emilia. I have chosen to start blogging rather than just keeping a journal because in my teen years I couldn’t relate to a lot of people my age. Mostly because I had a huge passion for books poetry and literature. I just wanted to discuss different books poetry etc but not too many people my age were interested in the same things I was. I am also an introvert so being in large groups of people just made me feel out of place.

I can remember in English we were reading “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer” by John Keats. My teacher at the time said, “I don’t expect anyone to relate to this poem, it’s very old and doesn’t have much context in today’s time”. But I could relate to John Keats. So much so that I did purchase “The Iliad” by Homer and “The Odyssey” by Homer also. Just to get a more in-depth understanding of John Keats. The more I read poems by John Keats the more I could relate to him. I have been able to relate to him because I feel like all the great writers have a very sensitive side that most people don’t understand very well. I feel like they are capable of feeling in a much deeper level.

I have always enjoyed painting and drawing. I haven’t always been too open about my emotions but when I paint or draw you can tell how I felt. I also really liked the works of Oscar Wilde. When I found out John Keats got his inspirations from Wilde I was so thrilled and amazed that two of the poets that inspired were linked. Since then poetry and literature have been a huge part of my life.

What I hope to bring to everyone one of you is the feeling of inclusivity even if most people around you don’t like the same thing you do. I want this to be a place of peace where you an take time for yourself and enjoy the simple slow pace of life like in the past. Being native descendant I have always loved the outdoor so most of my inspirations come from nature.

The topics I would like to discuss here things such as life contrast between the 1700s up until the early 1900s vs now. From cooking to sewing or day in the life of. But also you can let me know if there’s anything you would like to see in particular. I want to include your ideas and incorporate your opinions too.

Thank you for stopping by I will see you in my next post. Have a wonderful day and remember to smile.

Yours faithfully,

Emilia Ramos.

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Hi I'm just a dizzy dreamer who loves nature and sharing a good moment with a fellow reader. Please feel welcome to stay and read if you're interested. I thank you for taking the time to stop by and wish you a great day no matter where you are in the world🌻

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