Sewing Adventure: 1

It was about the 26th of April when I finally decided to learn a new skill. It was something I had kept in mind for the longest time and I finally had time. After spending a little bit of time on YouTube I noticed the same suggestions a few times. After a while, I decided to actually to check it out. To my surprise, I fell in love and I got a sudden surge of inspiration. Not mention I was bursting with new ideas. My mind was like dandelion seeds dropping ideas. I thought to myself finally I have found the motivation I needed from seeing such beautiful clothing. Just like the clothes I always look for in stores but never find anything similar.

At first, I just began by watching a few videos for more reference and more knowledge because I had never tried to sew anything myself from patterns. Even though I wanted to try to make dress straight away I had to contain myself, not because I wasn’t willing to dedicate myself to researching it adequately. But because I wouldn’t be able to purchase the materials I needed, as shops were closed and not all places were delivering. So what I did was go shopping from a local shop that was still open and bought what I could.

It’s something that when I start I always have to focus or else one stitch ends up crooked, bigger or even in the wrong place. I like to keep it as even as possible. If you guys didn’t know there are a lot of free resources available online through (page 82 and 83) this one specifically is the one I used. From here I got the pattern for making the Victorian walking skirt. What I made was a Victorian-inspired walking skirt because I had never sewed before.

I am ready to dive into a new sewing project as soon as I can decide what’s the next clothes piece I want to add to my wardrobe. With that having said, I think the best option is a blouse because since I have made a skirt, why not make a matching blouse to go with it right? But I also want to try yet another thing, decorating it by hand embroidery. I will keep you updated on sewing projects I accomplish.

Anyways thank you for your visit it means a lot to have you come over and spend some time with me. I wish you a great weekend full of joy. Until next post and I’ll see you then.

Yours faithfully,

Emilia Ramos.

Published by helianthus2

I have a huge interest in studying how life was centuries ago. From fashion, language, recipes to trying to implement history elements to what I wear and do. If that sounds like something you are interested...join me as we can share and learn more about the little details of the past we may yet not be aquatinted to.

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