Bring back gorgeous attire:

Greetings dear reader. I hope your week was delightful. I also hope you have treated yourself nicely. Taking time for yourself to enjoy something special you like.

Today I have been feeling very inspired. Yesterday (10/06/20) I had a dream that I was living in the late 1700s, early to mid-1800s. I think I had this dream after I read and look at many articles on beautiful dresses. It made me think how fantastic would it be if I could bring back historic attire without having to call it historic costume? I was thrilled and full of ideas. I no longer what to buy clothes for two main reasons.
Reason 1: Fast fashion is horrible for the environment. I don’t want to contribute to that anymore. For the past 6 years, I have changed how I live and I have tried to be as conscientious as possible. Reason 2: This one is a few little reasons combined into one. I call it not wanting to blend in. But let me explain. I can ever find clothes that fit my body perfectly because fast fashion doesn’t have time to tailor to individuals (and yes I will buy some clothing items or accessories from handmade companies who take time to cater to their buyer). I can’t ever find what I want to wear, in my mind I have a picture and idea of what I want to wear but it’s not available anywhere. That’s the two main reasons why. I pick skirts and dresses over anything. I love the elegance and beauty of skirts and dresses. This is where my passions came in. I want to bring back to the modern wardrobe the gorgeous attire of the past, be it a simple Victorian walking skirt or a gorgeous Medieval dress. I feel the most confident when I wear historically inspired clothes, but now I am ready to dive deep into the historic attire. To pull as many details of it into my wardrobe. I want to give up all my jeans for skirts and dresses. All my sneakers for dainty heels. I have been deeply enchanted by the beauty of the historic wardrobe. I also want to make whatever clothing piece as close to how it was made in its original time.
If you’d like to see a “social experiment” I can wear period clothing and see what others will think. I’ll divide it into age categories and acquaintance or guest.

Thank you for stopping by and giving me a moment of your time. Wishing you the best.
Yours faithfully,
Emilia Pereira Ramos.

Published by helianthus2

I have a huge interest in studying how life was centuries ago. From fashion, language, recipes to trying to implement history elements to what I wear and do. If that sounds like something you are interested...join me as we can share and learn more about the little details of the past we may yet not be aquatinted to.

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